Try These Two Very Different, Yet Affordable Bourbons

coopers craft 100pf bourbon vs noah's mill small batch bourbon

Tasting the Coopers’ Craft 100pf Barrel Reserve vs Noah’s Mill Small Batch

Recently I had the opportunity to sample two very different whiskeys that I’d never had before. I was at a house-warming party for friends of ours who had recently moved, and he had these two intriguing bottles on his bar.

coopers craft 100 proof bourbon

The first one I tried was the Coopers’ Craft 100pf Barrel Reserve. When I say this stuff is potent, I mean, it is potent. And delicious. And smooth despite its punch. It’s probably my absolute favorite bourbon for sipping at the moment. The overall flavor is bright, with hints of smoke, citrus, vanilla, and cinnamon. It’s quite affordable, too, falling into the $30-$50 range depending on where you get it.

A little later, I tried the Noah’s Mill Small Batch bourbon. Talk about a contrast to the Coopers’! Where the Coopers’ was bright and punchy, the Noah’s Mill was warm, soft, like a favorite blanket or fuzzy sweater. With each sip you get hints of walnuts, prunes, and spices, with a lingering caramel finish. This is also a good sipper, coming in slightly higher, price-wise, than the Coopers’, between $50-$60, depending on your source.

noahs mill bourbon

So there you go. Two very different bourbons, both affordable, both delicious neat or with a little ice to open up the flavors. Grab a bottle of each and see what you think. I’d be interested to hear your opinions, as well. Cheers!

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