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If it’s got bourbon in it, I’m drinking it. And if it’s really good, I’m gonna figure out how to make it, and share it with you.

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  • The BORG Gin Cocktail with Bonus Bourbon Version

    The BORG Gin Cocktail with Bonus Bourbon Version

    BORG is an acronym for “Bitters, Orange, Rosemary, and Gin,” because that’s precisely what comprises this drink. Yes, I know gin is not bourbon, and this site is all about bourbon. If you’ll stick with me, here, you’ll find a version of this below that replaces the gin with bourbon and the orange bitters with regular bitters


  • Vanilla and Pear Old Fashioned

    Vanilla and Pear Old Fashioned

    Because the flavor of bourbon will often have hints of pear and vanilla, it’s only natural that the pairing (pearing?) of real pears and vanilla in an Old Fashioned would make for an excellent combination.


  • Chocolate Chili Old Fashioned

    Chocolate Chili Old Fashioned

    A spicy Southwestern take on an old favorite


“I’m no connoisseur – I just know what I like.

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Far be it from me to tell you what you should and should not do. But to me, there are whiskeys you mix with, and whiskeys you sip and savor.”

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