Bob’s Your Uncle Old Fashioned

Cocktail in a glass

There’s no wrong way to mix a drink, right? I mean, people mix stuff together all the time – substituting gin for vodka, or vodka for gin, or rum for bourbon, and vice-versa. So this is my take on the classic Old Fashioned, and honestly, I can’t go out and drink a bar-made Old Fashioned anymore – it’s almost always disappointing. (There are exceptions – the LongLeaf restaurant inside the Atlanta Botanical Garden makes an incredible Old Fashioned.)

The trick here is going heavy on the bitters, cherry liqueur instead of a cherry (although sometimes I use a cherry and a little cherry juice from the jar if I’m out of cherry liqueur), and Gran Gala instead of an orange rind. Also, the sweetness of the liqueurs does away with the need for a sugar cube. This thing is 100% alcohol, and it’s gotten rave reviews from everyone for whom I’ve mixed one. Try it and let me know what you think!

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Bob’s Your Uncle Old Fashioned

    • Preparation: 5 min
    • Ready in: 5 min



    1. Add all contents to a rocks glass.
    2. Stir a couple times until mixed
    3. Drop in a large craft ice cube. Easy, right?

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